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A Second (Cataclysmic) Term for Trump?

Predictions that Trump will win in November 2020 elections.

News: Nobody Knows, and Nobody Talks.

Corporate media uses Journalism of Exclusion. How can we fight back, and educate ourselves?

Abhijit Banerjee Gets Nobel in Economics.

Youngest economist Esther Duflo gets Nobel Prize, along with her economist husband Abhijit Banerjee. Both work at MIT. Michael Kremer also received the prize. Abhijit went to school and college in Calcutta and New Delhi, India. He did his Ph.D. from Harvard University.

On the Eve of Gandhi's Birthday: A Facebook Live Event

National Register of Citizens, India's "Pogrom" Begins.

Indian government's new National Register of Citizens (NRC) drove nearly two million innocent people off their citizenship status, causing havoc. The Hindu supremacist government's actions and rhetoric are similar to Trump's, and eerily remind us of Hitler's pogrom in Germany.

RIP, David Koch of Koch Brothers. (Sorry to hear you died, but you have done massive harm to us.)

How many people understand the importance of international news, or of certain extremely important people who are not...

Science & Environment

Our Children Will Live on Boats

People will live on boats. Very soon. And no such rescue would be necessary. The only tropical rain forests and pristine nature in the Indian...

India’s Criminal Noise Pollution

Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai, Benaras, Lucknow, Hyderabad...big cities. Asansol, Howrah, Ranchi, Aligarh...midsize towns. Or, no-name places in the middle of nowhere...everywhere you go. Across India....

Italy, France, and U.S. — Fast Trains!

When I was a TV journalist, I did a story for ABC network on America's "new, fast trains." Many years later, two weeks ago,...

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Purpose of Humanity College — A Special Note.

Gates Foundation awards Indian prime minister Modi, who is responsible for dividing India along religious and caste lines, and making India an extremely unequal country,, where the richest of the rich are benefiting at the expense of the poor. We want our purpose at Humanity College clear: we are against political and economic totalitarianism and fascism.

Liaisons with Language

by Samyabrata Roy Historically speaking, the Bhasha Andolôn or the Bengali Language movement was a political movement...

Immigration 101 — History Retold

The Five Steps of Immigration. History retold. (1) First, you destroy their lands by armed invasion, bribery, colonizing, looting, deforesting, raping, murdering, spreading diseases, enslaving, and...