A Child's Days


Shishu NiketanIt’s all about love.
I have started writing about my life in India. My early years in Kolkata.
And I have started doing it with special, caring mention of my childhood.
Because my childhood is so special that I must write about it with special care.
Now, perhaps you’re all going to say, “Well, isn’t that how it is for everybody?” You’re perhaps going to say, “Why do you think your childhood is any more special than us?” You might say, “Our childhood was special too. It was a lot of fun.”
Sure, no problem. I’m not here to quarrel about whose childhood was more special. All I’m saying is that mine was special. Very special. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of love. Happiness. It was something I now miss a lot, having spent a very long time, in a┬árelatively less-loved, less-happy way.
Of course, this unhappiness did not begin only after I came to America. Unhappiness perhaps began for me, now that I look back, when I grew up and got into a very turbulent world, full of real pain, violence and economic hardship. When I was a child, I think my world was much more peaceful and loving.
Well, then, you might interject, “Like I said before, yours is no different than ours. So, don’t brag about it.”
I’m not bragging about it. I’m trying to remember as much as I can, stirring up my memories, one memory at a time. And by doing so, I’m trying to get back to some of that peace, love and happiness.
Right? Any problems with that?
No? Okay, great!
Pyari RowHow far back can you go down memory lane? What is your first childhood memory? How old were you at that time? Could you talk? Could you stand up? Could you walk? Could you read? Could you write? Could you tie your shoe lace, or button your shirt? Could you sleep by yourself, away from your mother?
Yes, think about it. Try, and try hard. Go as far back as you can. Far, far back down into your childhood. Try to remember some of the oldest things that happened in your life. And remember those who were with you at that time.
You need complete focus, and you need complete tranquility. And you need a lot of love to do it.
Do it.
You can close your eyes. But you don’t have to. You just need some solitude. It’s a beautiful meditation.
Do it.
I’m doing it right now.
It’s beautiful…peaceful…loving…soft…caring…kind…affectionate…
The weather in it is always beautiful. It’s always, always pleasant.
Mother Nature is waiting for you to be in her embrace.
Just the same way your mother waited for you when you were a child, coming back from school.
It’s all about love.

Peace. Photo by Ajoy Konar.
Peace. Photo by Ajoy Konar.



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