Christine Ford and Anita Hill: Two Brave Women


Two brave womenI have total support for Christine Blasey Ford. This man Kavanaugh does not deserve to be a U.S. Supreme Court judge.
(And Trump is a racist and a womanizer who doesn’t deserve to be the president of America.)
That said, I remember the time when Anita Hill’s testimony about Clarence Thomas was strikingly similar to Christine Ford’s. I remember how appalled I was then. How disgusted to see a great travesty of justice unfold!
I was new in America, and didn’t know a lot of American politics; yet, I was aghast.
Not too many white liberals came out to support Anita: she was black, and Clarence Thomas, one of the staunchest conservative judges on the highest court is also black. The support (justified 100%) Christine is getting today was simply absent.
Hypocrisy, if you think about it that way.
It’s not only a double standard in America in the Republican world. It’s the same in the corporate Democratic world too.
(And I’m not even mentioning Bill Clinton here: we all know the salacious scandal corporate media and Republican Party drooled over. And the entire world laughed to see the unthinkable moral degradation of this great country).
I congratulate and applaud Ms. Christine B. Ford, for taking this bold step, against all threats, fears, and intimidation by racists and violent powers.
Ms. Anita Hill also took such a bold step, and was so extremely steady and articulate. But I remember she did not get much support from white liberal Americans.
Time to put some history in perspectives.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York



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