Does Our New Year's Day Matter to You?

Does our Bengali or Punjabi or Tamil or Marathi New Year’s Day mean anything to you — America, or the West?
Do our cultures matter, outside of the feel-good, diversity vocabulary belt? Heck, do they matter to the new, MTV-generation Indians? Does our history matter? Does our religion matter? Just the same way a neoliberal economic terror is killing us the 99% poor and middle class physically, a neoliberal cultural terror is killing the 99% us emotionally, and we are desperately clinging to our values, our ethics, our traditions, our lifestyle, food, and our languages.
This is our spirituality. This is God for us the less-religious, dwelling half-way between atheism and agnosticism. Or, dwelling half-way between believing in God and questioning religious schools’ force-feeding of a benevolent supernatural. We do not see any Divine Intervention when it comes to saving the poor, and we are brave to challenge the Church, any church. But we still believe in our heritage, and that includes our socio-religious traditions including, for example, our music, poetry, paintings, sculptures, dance, and thousands of years of unthinkably-rich cultural riches — those West ignores, undermines, or ridicules.
New Year’s Day is not just 1st of January, as you the Western capitalist world forces us to follow. Don’t do it. Because, by doing it, you’re pushing us hard against the wall. Don’t push it no more. You’re calling for upheaval. Believe me, this upheaval might actually create fascist or other violent forces (and we won’t be a part of that violence) — the Tea Party way here in USA, or perhaps, a Khomeini way in Iran. It will destroy you the neoliberal 1%.
If you do not want your own destruction through that kind of violent, nasty upheaval, embrace a true diversity, and not the phony one you practice through business management texts.
Give us our long-overdue dignity, respect, and rights.
We do not beg for them. We own them.


  1. শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪২১ সূচনায় সবাইকে জানাই অভিনন্দন, প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা ; নতুন বছর মঙ্গলময় হয়ে উঠুক ।

  2. What a “real” piece. Sadly, it does not matter. But then again, nothing outside of this land matters. Americans don’t know where the Ukraine is on a map and they certainly don’t know who the PM of Canada is. Therefore, a new year which does not fall on January 1 is not something we could conceptualize or even think of honoring. It’s people like YOU who help people like us see the reality of the world outside of our loose confines. Thank you.

    • Hey, Betsy. On one hand, this is a deep lament I carry. Then, I have friends like you who I can share this lament with. So, I know nothing much is going to change, but I also know a little bit change is happening. That’s where I live. In that peaceful space.

  3. Yes most people are not even aware of it and no one cares to talk about it, media is operating on predetermined agendas and paradigms so that source is useless. Te only source thats remaining is actual in person human to human contact who can sustain cultures and traditions in foreign lands.


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