Eat Healthy. Junk the Junk. Save the Planet.


Produce from local farms. Except for the fruits.
Produce from local farms. Except for the fruits.

It’s all about food, health and the environment. And the life we live.
Most people here in the U.S. have no idea what good food really means. Those who can’t afford high-quality food eat MacDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut. Farmer’s markets, mostly, are too expensive for the poor.
The food industry has used big media to promote junk food, and kept people in dark about health and the environment. They tell you french fries, potato chips and Big Macs are actually good for you. They tell you KFC’s buckets of un-skinned chicken are good for you. They tell you Coke and Pepsi and Mountain Dew are healthy drinks.
I’ve been boycotting McDonald’s for ten years now. Have been boycotting other junk foods and drinks too. I am very happy I have.
But even those who can afford good food and are educated enough to know about the pluses and minuses go to eat at places where they never disclose their marketing source. Very likely, even hip NYC or SF restaurants are using Monsanto and ADM, i.e., toxic vegetables, meat or fish. India and its younger-generation people have caught on, only to follow the illiterate side of America (and ignoring the educated, modern side).
I post a few photos here I took from India in February and March this year to show you what good-quality vegetables, fish and sweets really mean. My wife used these veggies and fish to cook at home, and regardless of my bias, I can tell you this is what good food really means.
Please do not fall for media trap. Your health and your children’s health, as well as our environment, are at grave risk. Grave risk. Sharing with Mukti’s Kitchen, a place in New York where you can learn how to cook healthy Indian.
Ethical disclosure: Mukti is my wife 🙂
Sincerely, as always,
Brooklyn, New York
Harvest from local pond. Scaled at home.
Harvest from local pond. Scaled at home.


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