Golden Memories


Memories are extremely precious, and in my case, extremely haunting.
When I feel alone, very old memories take me back to those sunlit, golden days back in Calcutta. I have written a lot about it, both in English and Bengali. And I am going to write a lot more.
Memories are lovely, and memories are friends. What’s more: they are therapeutic.
Try this immigrant life in America. You’ll know.
Here’s a picture of my little notebook I carried with me all the time when I was in my early twenties in Calcutta. We didn’t have means to buy new notebooks. This one was one from 1970, which I was using in 1980.

In fact, it is still with me. (But the bed sheet in the picture — the blue one I used all the time in that little half-room in our North Calcutta home — well, it was a part of my life.)
This page in Bengali is a description of a classical all-night music program I attended in one of the public auditoriums — if anybody remembers where it was, let me know.
November 22, 1980. — The program started at 9 P.M. and went all the way through 6.30 A.M. the next morning.
Artists who performed:
1. Dinanath Mishra (vocal). sang Raga Jog, and a Bhairavi thumri
2. Buddhadev Dasgupta, accompanied on tabla by Swapan Chowdhury — played sarod. Raga Bagesree, and a Pilu thumri.
3. A dance recital by Mira Chatterjee — I have completely forgotten about it. Not a trace of memory on this.
4. Sunanda Patnaik (vocal) — Raga Bilaskhani Todi, and a famous Bhajan in Bhairon (Jagannath Swami…).
5. Sohan Lal Sharma on harmonium and Tarun Bhattacharya on santoor — Duet — Raga Hansadhwani.
6. End of the program soiree — Sitar by Manilal Nag, accompanied on table by Maha Purush Mishra. Raga Ahir Bhairon.
I could write a hundred pages on this memory. But I am savoring it tonight. I will sleep with this tonight.

Immigrant in America,
Partha Banerjee
Long Island, New York


  1. Where it was? Mahajati sadan,Sadar ang sangeet sammelan,Rabindra sadan,Banga sanskriti sammelan,Rabindra kanan,Dover lane,singhi park or else where??My memory goes back to all these places.Sometimes tickets were exhausted and I recollect one at Dover lane in Winter where I sat in the footpath whole night with two of my friends and listened to great maestros and in the morning,came back home.We carried rags,blankets and mat(sataranchi) with us and found out a corner outside the main auditorium.Very nostalgic but strong memory relishing and sharing with yours.Those were the days.No danger or unsafe situation.The whole world was safe.Not like now,that anytime you may be killed ,snatched or robbed off your belongings.It was peace ful without any personal,political or religious hatred.Whether you are in New York in USA or new market in Kolkata.Our genext are missing all these charms.Very sorry state of affairs.


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