What is hate?
Many Hindu Indians who hate Muslims or communists or “low-caste” rarely made any effort to know them. Many Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims have similar hate against Hindus.
Recently, Hindu fanatics in India, and Muslim fanatics in Bangladesh, have killed a number of people who came from the minority communities. They also killed free thinkers and intellectuals.
In America, Christian hate mongers hate other religions they have never wanted to know. Whites who hate blacks or immigrants never took the time to know them.
Hindu extremists
Hate comes from ignorance, the ignorant resort to violence supported by political powers, and ignorance rises out of a broken-down society with no real-life connections. Virtual society such as corporate media, Facebook or Twitter takes over, and dictates peoples’ lives with illusions, fake analyses, and false hopes.
Liberals in particular, and leftists in many cases, have done their best to create an heightened indifference, and failed to understand the ordinary peoples’ social and spiritual needs. Right wing and fanatics took advantage of this emotional void, and rallied the ignorant around their agenda, based on supremacy and exclusion.
Political powers used the hateful environment to divert peoples’ attention from their economic woes.
Durga destroyed
What we see in India today (RSS-BJP, etc.), or USA (Trump and Tea Party) are poison fruits of this poison tree of elitism and rabid individualism. Ayn Rand must be happy. Or, is she?
Is there any way to stop the advancing fascism?
Yes, there is, if the ordinary, working men and women reject extreme left and extreme right on one hand, and elite, individualist center on the other.
This is my life’s lesson — both from working as a grassroots organizer in India and USA, and also in the classroom.
This is my heartfelt two cents.
Obama Oklahoma


  1. Stereotyping all Hindus for “hatred” toward low-castes, communists or minorities is very naive and seems like an agenda. Yes, they have been indifferent to the problems of other communities but that is solely due to the overall poverty, colonialism and problems with the highly stratified Hindu society. Now with urbanization, most Indians are being pulled up from poverty levels into the lower middle classes (350 million in the last five years as per WB and IMF reports) – this includes entrepreneurs from the lower classes, Dalits too. The educated among minorities have been doing much better too in business as well as in skilled labor and services.


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