I Spoke with Noam Chomsky, One on One!


With the Living Legend.
With the Living Legend.

On Saturday, 15th of November, 2014, I had a chance to speak with Noam Chomsky — one on one.
It was an opportunity of a lifetime. For me, it was a memorable day.
And two friends helped me to record the half-hour conversation on camera. And they also put it on YouTube.
I hope you have time to watch it. I would greatly appreciate if you do.
The link is here.
One person has so much education and insight that informed people compare him with Plato, Aristotle, Russell, Marx or Einstein. I compare his ocean-deep knowledge with poet Tagore, and his global peace activism with Gandhi. But U.S. media including CNN and New York Times censor his views, and exclude him from their list of experts.
If this is not bizarre and depraved, then what is?
Noam Chomsky asked me to call him Noam, and not Prof. Chomsky. So, Noam and I had a one on one video interview, then walked over to Plymouth church for his talk at Brooklyn For Peace on its 30th anniversary. I sat with him at the front table, and spoke on various subjects including war and peace, immigration and labor, media and Manufacturing Consent, and India and Bengal. And about his legacy. Got his signature. He pronounced my name the proper Bengali way, and referred to my introduction in his speech. I always lamented that I did not meet Tagore, Gandhi or Einstein. He filled up that emotional void. And his wife asked for a copy of my introduction to his speech.
Truly, and I repeat, it was a memorable day in my life.
Thank you, Noam. And thank you, Brooklyn For Peace.
Manufacturing Consent


  1. Really such an erudite and deep thinker! Thanks for sharing must have been so satisfying for you to get to interview and interact closely.:) Great. Best wishes Anita.


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