Koreas Choose Peace. Why Can't India and Pakistan?


It’s mighty good news for people around the world who reject war and violence, and demand coexistence and peace. The Korea’s — North and South — decided to end their seventy-year-old war.
So, American propaganda to demonize North Korea did not work. Just the other day, U.S. media corporations and their mouthpiece politicians — Trump and all — declared North Korea was a demon, a major threat for world peace, and it must be destroyed. In fact, Republican and Democratic administrations for decades have told us that.
Suddenly, the two Koreas met at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, and American media and their Trumps began scratching their heads. War industries were terribly upset at the prospect of peace between the two countries.
Not only the two Koreas declared peace, but according to New York Times today, Korean Leaders Meet, Eyeing a Peace Free of Nuclear Arms!!!
Of course, war industries would be terribly upset, but let them be more upset.
India Pakistan peaceNow, if only India and Pakistan could learn how to make peace! Their 24/7 media propaganda and political parties would be bankrupt, if the two countries with thousands of years of common history could realize it! Only if the people realized how their ruling class has cheated us, based on lies and concocted violence!
Yet, the situation is so strikingly similar. Just like South Korea and North Korea, India and Pakistan have been at war and major armed conflicts since the British left the subcontinent after two hundreds years of looting and ravaging one of the most peaceful and prosperous places on earth, and then cutting up the country in three different parts — causing incredibly misery and bloodshed.
Just like the Koreas, or like places in the Middle East, partitions and artificial boundaries were imposed by the occupying forces. In case of India and Pakistan, the line of partition often went through a piece of land, where the kitchen and bedroom of the same houses fell in two different countries!
All the rulers — democratically elected rulers in India and mostly military regimes in Pakistan along with a couple of elected leaders — kept the violence and armed conflicts alive. Indian and Pakistani rulers greatly benefited from this long, bloody, cruel wars and hostility that killed and impoverished millions of Hindus and Muslims.
Every time the government is in trouble, a cooked-up war would break out!
And USA powers and corporations are now deep inside India, in an unprecedented, disastrous way. American corporations have practically taken over the Indian economy. I have never seen such a complete takeover of India’s economy by foreign forces. This is neo-colonization at its peak!
American rulers have supported Pakistan for decades with arms, and they have supported military dictators in Pakistan. In 1971, with active support from Kissinger and U.S. government, Pakistani military caused havoc in Bangladesh (which was East Pakistan at that time), killing and raping hundreds of thousands of ordinary innocent men and women. They had extremist Muslims helping them on the ground.
But that’s another story. For now, if India and Pakistan take note of this peace declaration and de-nuclearization of the two Koreas, and find a way to emulate them, it would bring a very long-overdue peace in the land of Gandhi and Tagore.
We have had enough! We do not want another war. And do not war any N-bombs! 
Hands off, America! Hands off, Trump! Hands off, British and European powers!
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York


  1. I personally feel this is a well thought out plan. The USA and its market economy has nothing to loose from here and everything to gain. And Kim is going to meet Trump soon as per agency reports. The north Korean markets will soon be open for American and south Korean goods. As it will soon be started also in Havana. The imperialist forces and their crony capitalist have many ways of encirclement. And if Indian and Pakistan is to make a peace it needs to be the via the route of Capital. Both Modi and Bajpayeeji tried that, as per advice of WH, with Sharif and Musaraff, but failed. As making such deal the compensation packages for both Indias and Pakistans Arms and hate economy need to be considered. When that riddle would be solved the two brother would be embracing, I am sure. But for the time being lets enjoy peace in the Korean Islands. After all if politics and capital bring in peace, it is not bad at all primarily.


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