Modi, Media, and A 4 A.M. Realization


At four in the morning today, I woke up with this scary realization.

I realized that unlike what New York Times and Times of India and CNN and NDTV told us, India’s Narendra Modi and his Hindu party BJP came to power with such a huge landslide because long time ago, when you and I and the village guy going to pee by the rail line under the open sky and the town woman lining up for her tube well water knew it, global rulers had decided that it was time for the corrupt and decadent Gandhi Congress to go.
They chalked out a plan.
And they knew that to preempt and quell a people’s rebellion on the street, an alternative storm of hope must be staged, and a democratic facade must be manufactured in the name of growth and development. Thus, their global and Indian media created a so-called Modi Wave and a so-called Gujarat Prosperity Model, and in the absence of an alternative media and presence of a pathetically disorganized Third Front as well as a totally apolitical, brainwashed, vast young generation, their plan worked.
A staged, fake third front called AAP backfired and collapsed.

Monsanto suicides
Monsanto suicides

An unprecedented election took place in India where nobody came to know anything about India’s catastrophic economic rot, IMF, WTO or trash currency that does not have any value on the global market. Nobody knew about Monsanto, Coke or McDonald’s and their takeover of India’s farms, food and water. Nobody knew about India’s looming environmental cancer. Or, a looming energy crisis that will crash India’s economy in six months or so.
Instead, on corporate media, a fake communalism debate was manufactured where experts started screaming whether Modi was responsible or not for the 2002 Muslim carnage in Gujarat. The left and the liberal, two biggest losers in these elections, fell for that trap.
Nobody even bothered to go to rural Gujarat to see the so-called Gujarat model first hand.
I came to realize that we’ve perhaps just witnessed the biggest mass deception in human history. In broad daylight, in front of the whole world, at least one billion people were cheated. I’m absolutely, positively certain about it, and I am ready to debate about it.
Post Script:
Today’s global economy and communications technology, coupled with long, grassroots knowledge and activism can help us analyze the situations in India and USA — two parallel systems — equally well. I’ve written about it for many years in various places including Indian and American publications. You — who live in India now — have more first hand knowledge about India today, and those of us who now live in USA have more knowledge about USA. But we all know about it because the political game across the world today is the SAME. The exploitative and deceptive “democracies” are strikingly similar; in fact some of the real, background players are the SAME. It is truly scary that this enormous, mass cheating is happening and people are accepting it as truth without even trying to critically analyze it.
That’s the greatest achievement of today’s neoliberal, neocolonial powers: to make the human mind stop questioning. This is how Orwell ended 1984 where the 99% totally accepted the 1% as the ultimate, unquestionable power.
Brooklyn, New York
Taj Mahal, covered in environmental pollution
Taj Mahal, covered in environmental pollution


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