My Birthday, My Reasons to Live — the Foreword


This is Me.
This is Me.

I like my birthday. I like it a lot. April 25 has always been a happy day. In rain and in shine, on this day I’ve found reasons to celebrate my life.
On this day, over all these years — first in India and then in USA — I’ve rekindled the spirit to live. I’ve renewed the hope and positivity and peace to live — for myself, my family and my society. I’ve turned around and believed that I can live and celebrate my life — together with you.
In fact, I’ve increasingly believed that my reasons to celebrate life is meaningless without you. Would you please let me have a moment to explain?
My birthday has always reminded me that there is a reason to believe that I belong — for myself and for the others. In spite of all the negativity, media lies, arrogance of politicians, profiteering and behindthedoor dealing and stealing, fake reporting fear mongering brainwashing, flesh dancing, synchronized jump-laughing, war bombing violence terrorism hate crimes police brutality racism sexism explicit or subtle putting down trashing undermining and excluding, history obliterating and overglossing, corruption of crooks and corporations, feeling of unmistakable letdown and cheating by the people in power, and the final, absolute distrust in this trickle-down USA and India-variety economic and political system they call democracy where me as a hardworking, honest, helpful and humane person or others like me have no way to bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots the powerless and the powerful the rich and the poor the flourishing and the frustrated and the plentiful and the painful — however hard I try to bridge the gap or imagine to bridge the gap in one whole life I only get thrown at an insurmountable stone wall and hit hard and bleed — I STILL find reasons to believe that whatever I have learned, experienced and used in my life by myself, through my parents and elders and teachers and friends and mentors and neighbors and co-pedestrians, and together with you, it has NEVER been a waste of my life, my time, my money, education, energy, and desire to do better decently.
Sure, Sir! Affirmative, Sir!

And if you have managed to read through the volume of voluntarily convoluted verbosity above, you will have known that what I write is actually verve — for myself and for you. In fact, if you read it twice, you’ll know it is a powerful message for me and for you — i.e., our class of men and women all around the world.
And if you dare to read it the third time, you shall know that I still believe that life has a special meaning for me and you — i.e., our class of men and women all around the world. Well, I might say, it could even sound like music. Soft, subtle, almost silent music. The way life, love or dream is supposed to be.
This life talks about a global society of people who care for each other. This life talks about a global economic system that espouses equality, equal rights and equal respect. Moreover, this life talks about a truly modern, scientific, futuristic system that abolishes war, violence, division, corruption and lies — once and for all. It talks about how to usher in prosperity and peace and poetry — the true, altruistic kind — beyond the sham, undemocratic, pro-1 percent system.
Well…that was the Foreword. I hope you return to read the Frontal Word — the body of this talk — and share our common feelings together.
I do hope you do.
Now, smile 🙂
Happily Writing,
Brooklyn, New York
Me. For You.
This is Me. For You.


  1. The meaning and pupose of life is in observing and experiencing whatever one does and think as well as whatever others think and do. Happy Birthday wishes in advance.

  2. Meaning of life is in experiencing and observing what one himself/ herself thinks and does as also what others think and do.
    Happy Birthday wishes in advance.

  3. Happy Birthday, Partha.
    For me the meaning of life is what we ourselves define it to be. Right now that is yard work. 🙂 Glad you are feeling better, my friend. I seem to check email less and less since Facebook and Twitter came into my life. Here is to another wonderful and productive year, Partha, and I am and wishing you much happiness and peace all during the year, as well. Love ya!


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