My Last Election Campaign


Pro-99%. Not pro-1%.
Pro-99%. Not pro-1%.

It is *very* likely that this 2016 election in America is my last election campaign.
I came to America thirty years ago, when Ronald Reagan was president. I didn’t know who Reagan was, except for the fact that in 1984 when I was a very young professor in a remote, rural college in India, I heard on the radio that he trounced Walter Mondale and Democratic Party’s woman VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro.
I didn’t know the difference between the Republicans and Democrats. At that time, there was some difference, before Clinton made his party identical to Republicans. So, when I saw Reagan at hand-shaking distance in Chicago, I thought I saw a world-famous leader. Of course, he was world famous, but for all the wrong reasons.
Many young people who are now working for Bernie Sanders do not know the history, or have the political analysis of how Reagan in USA and Margaret Thatcher in UK destroyed any concept of equality and justice, and made this world a very dangerous, violent place for the poor and paradise for the rich.
Reagan and later Clinton finished off the “New Deal,” a system that had made America America.
I went through election cycles ever since, and saw Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama becoming the president. I saw how my hopes and dreams were shattered by W. Bush and Cheney’s global doctrine of warfare and anti-black, anti-immigrant repression, and I saw Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s truly disingenuous rules for sixteen years, where they used what Orwell called “Doublespeak.” I saw 9/11 terror and its aftermath state-sponsored violence, where thousands of innocent lives were destroyed.
NO to them.
NO to them.

I have signed on to work for Bernie Sanders, so that in case this is my last election campaign in America, I can tell myself that finally I have broken myself out of all the myths and illusions, and worked for a cause that is not perfect, but close to what I have always believed in: equality, democracy, nonviolence, justice, and peace.
I can’t live the rest of my life doing dishonest political work for dishonest people. I am severing all my ties with the Clintons and Obamas and Bush’s and Reagans.
I will throw my support and spend as much time as possible to work for an honest leader of the people.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York
NO to them too.
NO to them, again and again.


  1. I agree with you Partha that Bernie Sanders is very different and, finally, a Presidential candidate worthy of support. For the sake of the country I have volunteered for his campaign. The 1984 Reagan election was the first I was old enough to vote in (I voted Reagan) but never before have I volunteered for a campaign because I quickly learned how bad both parties are. I regretted my youthful Reagan vote and rarely ever voted for a Democrat or Republican for any national office since. Bernie Sanders: our next PRESIDENT!


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