The Cricket-ball Tampering Scandal


Australian captain Smith’s Ball Tampering: Cricket scandal and corruption.
So, they tampered with the ball, made it more effective (using illegal means), and got caught by camera. Then, Smith and some other players were punished by their cricket board, and banished for a year or so from playing cricket.
Yet, it is so commonplace occurrence in India and Pakistan!
Why India or Pakistan is so corrupt, and Australia or New Zealand is not? Aussie and NZ people and press and governments expose the perpetrators, and bring them to justice. In India and Pakistan, they worship the corrupt as gods, hide the scandals, and pretend they are all as clean as angels. They even give them national awards. The most corrupt are the richest. Nothing — no consequences — ever happen to the rich and celebrity in India, and this complete lack of accountability has made these countries so corrupt.
Here’s a SHORT list of stories — written by other journalists and bloggers — where India and Pakistan cricket players and officials have been caught of cheating on or off the ground. Just click on the links below.
And there are many, many stories that I did not have time to include. It’s a dark, shameful history.
Partha Banerjee
Brooklyn, New York

[India’s star player and captain] Dhoni guilty of corrupt conduct, claims lawyer in Mudgal case

FIR against MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi in multi-crore fraud case: Reports

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Was the World Cup semi-final fixed [in 2015]?

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[There are many more…]


  1. Interesting read about the intersection of sports and business/political corruption in India and Pakistan. As usual, you are able to demonstrate the same corrupting influences of greed and power there as we face here in the United States. In fact, your headline was reminiscent of an incident of cheating in American football that resulted in a much shorter suspension, which was served in a way that did not prevent the offending organization from “winning” another championship. And they were slapped on the wrist for cheating before.
    The money behind the money seems to be able to use the popularity of sports to distract the localized fan base, and sometimes the entire country, from other actions the greedy are taking that actually hurt that base. The Pittsburgh football team, perennially poor performers, became very, very good and won 4 championships in the 1970’s, at the same time that the region, until then the heart of the steel industry, was essentially dismantled and moved outside the country, never to return. The local baseball team won two championships in that period, as well. While the city itself has recovered with education, health care and high-tech, the region has not, and remains poor, with so many once-prospering towns in poverty, with no tax base. I have a suspicion that things were intentionally manipulated. No proof, just observation. While much of the region still suffers, both the football and hockey teams continue to win (a distraction?).
    The Roman emperors used to brag about distracting the masses with “bread and circuses.” Today’s power brokers now want to do it using only the circuses.
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