The Legal vs. Illegal Immigrant Debate


Let’s have some fact checking on the “Illegal vs Legal” Immigration debate. That is, let those of us who want to check facts, and not go by hearsay and propaganda.

Today, this is one of the most important debates: hate, bigotry and divisive politics are destroying mankind, and any concept of peace, harmony, tolerance, and coexistence. And because “mainstream” corporate media is not telling us the truth, and anti-immigrant far right media everywhere is spreading lies and half truths, we might as well check out the facts ourselves.

Trump is using his white supremacist, racist violent politics against immigrants, shutting down the country on his rhetoric on the wall. Many Americans — quite a few of them ordinary, peaceful but otherwise misinformed men and women — are falling for it. 

Here’s some quick points on the immigration debate — for those who care to read and think.

(1) Immigration does not happen overnight, or in a vacuum. Nobody wants to leave their country unless they are desperate. I wouldn’t have left India to come to America, had I not been desperate.

(2) Find out what our ruling class has done in Mexico and across the world to drive this exodus from Mexico. Check out what Clinton’s NAFTA did to destroy Mexico’s economy. Find out what U.S. powers have done to Latin American countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras. Find out what happened to Bangladesh and Chile in 1971. Or, the Philippines. There are many other such examples. (Reference:

(3) Illegal or paperless immigrants do not fit in one box. For example there are 185 different types of visa to enter and remain in USA, and countless people are trying for 10, 20 or 30 years to get papers. Their children were born and grew up here. They are still trying desperately to get their papers. Legally. A large majority of them are trying hard for many years with the help from lawyers. (Reference:

(4) Even today, overstaying in the U.S. without properly extended papers is not a criminal offense. It is a civil offense. There is no criminality involved. And crossing the borders into the U.S. without papers is a misdemeanor. (Reference:

(5) It’s not the poor immigrants that you should go after. Catch the real criminals who are forcing these people to come, and then exploiting them as slaves. Private prison industry is making billions in profit by jailing poor blacks and undocumented immigrants. (Reference:

(6) All immigrants pay taxes: sales taxes, and even pay income taxes and Social Security deductions (literally billions of dollars each year). In many cases, these income taxes are stolen by their unscrupulous American employers using forged IDs. (Reference:

(7) About the history of immigration in America (in case anybody is interested to know history), check out this short video. Quickly, you’ll find out how “illegal” most of American ancestors were with no English speaking abilities.

(8) Trump and his white supremacist, racist people in power are using the immigrants as scapegoats to cover up their own evil acts. (Reference:

(9) All the anti-immigrant, anti-union people have joined hands on this game including Koch Brothers, Heritage Foundation, NRA, KKK, and more. (Reference:

Etc. Etc. Etc. All fact, and no hearsay or rumor.

(10) At the end of the day, if you are afraid that immigrants take away your jobs, again, check out some facts. You might be surprised to know the truth. (Reference:

White America and Europe were largely built on genocide, war, violence, slavery, and racism. Anti-Irish hate. Anti-Italian bigotry. Anti-Chinese, anti-Japanese racism. Not too long ago, there even had publicly posted signs such as “No Dogs or Irish or blacks Allowed.” Check it out. (See picture)

Let alone signs such as “Whites Only. No Spanish or Mexican.” (See picture)

Look, you’re not reading or learning: you are just falling for the traps the 1 percent created for you, to keep us divided and hateful. It serves their purpose, and not yours or mine. What is the difference between what your ancestors faced and what these immigrants are facing now?

The vast country of America is falling apart, and just like India, hate, bigotry and violence have taken over.

Extremism on one hand, and deliberate ignorance on the other have conquered America and India — the two countries I know. (Reference:

Thank you for thinking. Feel free to participate in our open discussion. 

I posted my POV, with researched facts. You post yours, with researched facts.

Let us be guided by truthful information, objective education, and compassion for mankind.

Sincerely, Truthfully Yours,

Partha Banerjee

A Happy and Enlightened 2019 to You All.


  1. When would I write blog??All the time I have to read the factful baskets of knowledge.All my time is consumed in reading articles and blogs.No time to write.

  2. Immigration is healthy but each state in a country like India has to decide what kind of immigrants they would like the US the country welcomed those poor and homeless now the policy cannot be reversed …maybe rethink in a balanced way not has become with Trump.The most populous countries are poor so the rich white people need to deliberate on their strategies of exploitation and war for resources that increases poverty causing immigration …world is at its brink due to greed not need…

  3. Reading this post has caused me to wonder if the USA has ever been pro immigration, and what changes have taken place, and when. So far, I’ve found interesting and opposing perspectives about the multiple steps of the formation and implementation of American policy, to such a degree it is nearly comical, with one particular article of interest (not comical) I feel compelled to share.

    • Please share, and make people think. Corporate media and politicians wouldn’t do it. We must. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I have first hand experience with immigration to the United States. I got married to Aymen Boulaabi in Tunisia on August 30th, 2014. We needed to apply for a Visa so that he could come to live with me in Pennsylvania. I was not expecting this process to take years to accomplish.
    The paperwork is extremely confusing and is only in English. I thought this is very hard for others that do not understand English. These forms should be in every language. Each form comes with a price tag attached. I understand why many immigrants go to lawyers. In total we spent about $10,000 for the entire process. We were denied on a technicality. So we had to hire a lawyer for the appeal process or start over again. The lawyer charged $2,000.
    We were devastated and continued to push on. I got Bernie Sanders office to look into our case. I also continued to check online to see if we had made any progress getting the Visa. All of our documents had to be translated from Arabic to English. We were living as husband and wife apart for two years. I had gone back to Tunisia after one year to spend time with Aymen. I stayed for a month.
    I do understand why people come and stay illegally. The costs are really high to do all the processing. The US Embassy in Tunisia made my husband go back and forth to delivery documents, more than 10 times. He lived over 3 hours away. They have no regard for the human suffering they cause.
    We finally obtained the Visa in June 2016. A week later my husband flew into the Philadelphia International Airport. It was a difficult trip because of Ramadan. When he arrived at the airport he was detained for 3 hours because Homeland Security was questioning our marriage. They threatened to send him home. They believed our marriage was a fraud. He asked them to speak to me bec as use he knew I would be worried after waiting 3 hours. I spoke with a woman from Homeland security and resolved her issue. I am much older than my husband and that was why she questioned our marriage. When she saw me she said, “Now I know why he married you. You are besutiful”. I was not flattered. After all we went through to get that far, she almost made Aymen go back to Tunisia.
    Immigration needs major revisions. This is a cruel an inhumane way to treat people.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share.
    Migdalia Boulaabi

    • Thank you for your heartfelt story. Please keep writing, and share your experiences with a global audience. The more we learn about facts based on real lives, the less mystified and brainwashed we are.


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