Trayvon Would Still Be Alive…If Zimmerman Had No Gun. Simple.


Scared? You should be.

Trayvon Martin would still be alive today if his killer Zimmerman had no gun. It’s simple. As simple as the bullet that killed the poor kid.
As Bill Cosby said just a few days ago, and I am paraphrasing: “It’s not about race. It’s about guns.” That is where the debate and action should be.

I know what I’m talking about. It’s very real for me.
My uncle Buddha — my mom’s youngest brother who was like a big brother to me — was shot and killed by a gun.
I don’t want to spend a lot of time and words on this subject. I don’t have to. It’s pretty easy to get.
Did you read the paper, watch the TV, or follow the news on the radio? In the last few weeks, almost every single day, some people — innocent people including children — got killed here in America because of guns. Somebody found a gun. Somebody bought a gun from Wal-Mart or some place like that. They brought the gun to school. They brought the gun to their workplace. They brought the gun to a shopping mall. Then, they shot and killed people. They blew skulls out. They destroyed lives. They destroyed hopes and dreams.
Let there be no illusion. Let there be no confusion.
Guns kill. Guns kill the innocent. Guns kill children. Guns can kill my children. Guns can kill your children.
I’m not here to scare you for no reason. Guns are scary. Let’s be afraid of guns. Let’s be afraid of people and groups behind the scene.
Let’s be afraid of people who’re pushing guns. Just the same way we should be afraid of people who push drugs. Or, those who push pornography. All three forms of vicious killers — guns, drugs and pornography — are abundant now in America. They are beyond control.
They can all kill us. They can all kill our children. Some do it slow. Some do it fast. But, they all kill.
Guns kill fast.
Does the above sound like a sermon? So be it. I have no other way to put it. I don’t have to spend a lot of time and words on this subject. I don’t want to. It’s pretty easy to get. (Even though watching American media, you wouldn’t get it. They don’t mention guns much, if at all.)
Killed by Legislation and Profit.

The so-called Stand Your Ground law in Florida and other states here in America is stupid, primitive and motivated by profit. (Update: even the Norway mass-killer claimed self-defense — the theme for Stand Your Ground law). Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of New York, in his new crusade against the gun violence and gun lobby and National Rifle Association, used a lot of good logic against the powerful NRA. But he did not mention the gun industries’ motivation of profit and the big Wall Street people and politicians behind passing the law. The same Bloomberg is using his NYPD to arrest peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters every single day. (and I have yet to see a major coverage in major media).
Without mentioning the drive for profit, and that too at the expense of hundreds of innocent lives, the big Bloomberg talk against NRA is meaningless.
If you talk about NRA, you talk about the gun industry. You talk about the war industry. You talk about the pervasive culture of violence — promoted by media and TV and Hollywood. They promoted it in USA. They promoted it all across the world. Guns and bombs and grenades and mines and remote-control explosives and computerized drones are big business.
Let’s face it: you cannot talk about one element and exclude the others. They are all connected to each other.
I have no sympathy for the culture of violence. I know Obama frequently talks about Gandhi and his so-called non-violence. Good. But Obama never speaks against the all-powerful NRA. He’s afraid to upset them and lose the Southern conservative votes (and Northern gun owners). Neither does Clinton — either the man or the woman. Republicans and conservatives and American feudals and cave men and women tout the Second Amendment to tout their God-given right to carry a weapon. Good. At least we know they are primitive. But Democrats — the so-called civilized, modern people also never take on NRA and the gun lobby. I believe they are either hypocrites or stupid. I don’t care. Either one is bad.
Guns kill. Every single recent, blood-curdling episode — Columbine, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, San Francisco, Trayvon Martin, the Colorado Congress woman, Ohio, Pennsylvania…just name it. Guns were the single-most important factor in the killings. Yes, baseball bats can kill too. Yes, knives, swords, poison, drugs and pornography have killed thousands of men, women and children over the couple of thousands of years of recorded human history. But never, ever one single weapon of destruction has been able to destroy lives so fast, so massively and enormously — before the gun was invented and marketed.
You think. You decide. You act.

In 2009, guns took the lives of 31,347 Americans in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings. This is the equivalent of more than 85 deaths each day and more than three deaths each hour. This is U.S. government’s data.
Think about Columbine, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, San Francisco, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Trayvon Martin. It’s simple logic. Had the killers carried a baseball bat or knife or sword or poison or drugs or pornography, would they be able to kill so fast and so massively? If the guns and ammunition were not so easily available, would the killers be able to use them so easily?
Think about how these innocent young men, women and children would still be alive. They were somebody’s children. They could’ve been your children. They could’ve been my children. I wrote about it before. I shall write about it again.
The same NRA and gun lobby and conservatives and feudals and primitive, pre-historic profiteers and politicians and press often tout God especially during election times. Would God — any God — approve such massacres? Would Jesus approve it? Would Moses approve it?
I don’t want to spend any more time and words on this subject. It’s fairly simple. Guns kill. Nowhere in the civilized world outside USA people carry guns, or buy and sells guns at Wal-Mart and such places. It’s unthinkable. And those countries and societies do not lose their children every other day because of gun violence at a shopping mall or school or day care center.
I do my part. You do yours. Stand Your Ground.
Shun the Gun.
Or, one day, just like my uncle Buddha, somebody in your family might get killed. It’s a very real possibility.
Believe me, I’m not making it up.
Trayvon Martin would still be alive if Zimmerman had no gun. It’s simple. As simple as the bullet that killed the poor kid.
Sincerely Writing,
Brooklyn, New York


  1. Good. Almost everyone will agree that the killing of innocentss by some human abnormals should be stopped. Completely withdrawing guns from the people is highly recommended. This will at least avert some killing of innocents. Guns should not be easily available to anyone who has the money to buy guns. But it would be too simplistic to believe that guns will not be illegally purchased. So lomg as there are some people wanting to kill innocents along with those they have grievance against emerges, they will still find ways to get hold on to guns illegally. Market for illegal weapons buying and selling is a highly remunerative business in these days of terrorism. Even if we were successful in ensuring that the guns do not get into the hands of potenrial killers of innocents, so long as the society generates potential killers, the risk of innocents getting killed will remain: if the guns are not available, the knives will be used In India, innocents are killed not so much by gun shotd but by simple gagging, use of knives of different kinds and meating of innocents by crowds. Despite that the US states must enact laws to ban free-market
    I wish we could think of a solution. Gandhi’s non-violence was against thec foreign ruler:theprotests were from those whi sufferred. But when individual mad men or police or the social activists get engaged in killing others ke revenge, Gandhi’s non violence does not help much in reducing such so-called shoot-outs. Trying to make all 100% people non-violent has so far been vain and no one seems to know how to make the society non-violence free. However sad and bad the incidents are and the extent of tradegey, our intelligence as yet dio not give us hope for completely eradicating this problem We can only hope that we shall have better luck someday in the future..

  2. Move to france if you dont like it, you cant take my rights because a couple of ass hats made the wrong choices…. cars, baseball bats, hammer, axes, screw drivers, buses, trucks, chainsaws, and bubble bees also kill people, you gonna ban them to… IDIOT !

    • Thank you for your precious comments, second ammendment, however negative they are. I don’t want to say anything about the spelling error in the name you used, because that’s minor: we all make mistakes. But the argument you used is flawed, and the tone you used is not polite, to say the least. But we all know where you’re coming from. So, no surprises there. I’ll say one thing though: grow up. It’s about time!


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