Village Girls Raped, Hanged, Disfigured, Etc. in India


India Deadly Gang RapeThat etcetera part is significant here.
Otherwise, it’s no news these days. Even though we still occasionally wake up to the brutality of it.
Not that one rape is more barbaric than the other. Not that a New Delhi girl’s gang rape and murder that shocked the world in December, 2012 was any different from so many other rapes and tortures that happen in India — where I was born and grew up — on a daily basis.
Yes, daily basis.
Just in six days, five gang rapes and murders of young, village girls happened only in one state of India. The news shocked us again to the core of our heart. They reminded us one more time that liberals’ candle light vigils, politicians fiery rhetoric, or even Indian court’s amended, harsher laws would do nothing to stop the relentless horror against women there.
Something is seriously wrong in India. No, don’t tell me it’s Hinduism or its caste system, and all that rubbish. I don’t have time for it.
Because last week, two village girls — cousins from the lower-caste Yadavs — were gang raped, murdered, and then hanged from a tree, by criminals from their own Yadav caste.
Because last week, one village girl — again from the same community — was gang raped, murdered and disfigured by force-feeding her with acid, by criminals from the Muslim community.
And I can go on and on. The grotesque nature of the crimes, if we actually think about it, puts a chill through our spines.
And because this time these incidents are happening in rural areas with zero political limelight, and because the usual suspect upper castes or Brahmins or their perceived protector BJP or RSS were not found responsible for the crimes, and perhaps because a caste-based, sexy story could not be cooked up, and also because Muslims were also found to be committing the crimes, Indian liberals are not anymore outraged. Heck, they’re not even doing too many candle light vigils.
U.S. media, unlike the New Delhi rape in 2012, are not showing their outrage.

Reminds us of this. Different countries. Similar barbarism against the powerless.
Reminds us of this. Different countries. Similar barbarism against the powerless.

Obviously, when I write about criminals belonging to lower castes (I don’t believe in the caste system even though by birth, I am a Hindu Brahmin), or when I write about criminals belonging to Muslim communities, some people automatically charge that I am either a BJP-RSS man myself, and by default, I am an anti-Muslim, low-caste-hater.
To those people, I only say this: fools.
I shall continue writing against any crimes and against any criminals, and I shall not spare any religions, castes, colors or nationalities. I have done it all my life, and I vow to keep doing it for the rest of my life.
I am ashamed of these crimes, and I am ashamed of India, a country I have always loved so much.
But most of all, I am ashamed of the double standards of elite media and privileged liberals — of India and USA.
To those people, I only say this: hypocrites.
Brooklyn, New York


  1. As I have friends in India, and try to follow the news as I am able from here, I recognize that it is an ongoing problem. I wonder what you believe to be the contributing factors? Lower status of women? Less education in villages? Dowries? I read that as the male population exceeds the female population by a significant percentage, males become more agitated and aggressive due to inability to find suitable mates. I would love to have your further thoughts on this, as your schedule permits.


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